How To Start A Plant Nursery Business in India? | Best Business To Start In 2022

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Plants Nursery Business In India

Plant Nursery Business In India – Best Business To Start In 2022

Imagine being surrounded by nature every time. Gardening in the backyard, eating healthy vegetables grown on your own. Enjoying the cool breeze in your garden with the fragrance of flowers in it. On a Sunday morning watering your plants and experiencing the pleasant smell of the mud and soil. How pleasing! Right?

Plants are a beautiful part of nature. Nature is where everything seems prosperous, Rather say, by which everything seems prosperous. We live in concrete jungles and cut the forest areas because of which many natural causes happen. Plants are the joys that spread positivity wherever they are. By growing them in your surroundings, you will not only feel positivity but you will fulfill your duties and responsibilities towards nature. Now think about starting a business out of it! 

Plant selling business in India is a grooming business in today’s time. Everyone is concerned about physical health and mental health. Plants help for the same. Every small house has a ‘Money Plant’ or ‘Tulsi Plant’ in it and every big house and bungalow has gardens and numerous plants. Even restaurants, hotels, and small or big businesses have plants at their workplace. We have reasons to start, now let’s find out how to start.

In this pandemic, we have seen the benefits of medicinal plants. It was also seen that the demand for medicinal plants went so high that in various places there became a scarcity of these plants. People were searching for the Tulsi Plants and there was no option left for them for buying them. So it can be said that this business i.e. Plant Nursery Business In India can be a good option for newcomers.

Types Of Plants And Nurseries For Starting A Plant Nursery Business In India

Before starting Plant Nursery Business In India, one should select his niche. There are many types of plant nurseries available in the market when we talk about the plant nursery business in India, with the type of space available and various other factors, there are different types of plant nurseries. Types of plant nurseries are:

Vegetable Nurseries For Plant Nursery Business In India

With the increase in pesticides in the vegetables purchased from the market, people are worried about their health conditions. They are switching from injected vegetables to home-grown vegetables. Some vegetable plants that can grow in the home are Tomato, Brinjal, Cucumber, etc.

Flower Nurseries For Plant Nursery Business In India

From the beginning, flowers were grown in the backyard or in the small garden of Indian homes. They are always in demand and most purchased plants are of them. Flower nurseries are popularly known as ‘Ornamental Nurseries’. Flower plants such as Jasmine, Roses, Marigold are the most seen in the houses. 

Fruit Nurseries For Plant Nursery Business In India

Fruit nurseries are costlier and more pampered than others but give unexpectedly good results in the long run. People are growing fruits in their homes. Such as Grapes, Papaya, Lime, Custard Apple, etc.

Medicinal Nurseries For Plant Nursery Business In India

Plants are doctors without degrees. ‘Ayurveda’ is the reason behind that. Many medicinal plants cure diseases even a doctor can’t cure. Plants such as Neem, Aloe vera, Costus igneus, etc.

Forest Nurseries For Plant Nursery Business In India

These plants are very small in size but with time, sunlight, water, and nature, they grow into big trees. These plants are specially planted in the forest area to grow the Jungle again.

What Is The Demand In Starting A Plant Nursery Business In India?

The demand of any business depends on the consumer’s preference. What are the wants of consumers, the income of consumers, and the ability to pay for the goods and services?

It’s the time of the pandemic. During the worst conditions of the years 2020 and 2021, there was a limited supply of oxygen. Oxygen was the main requirement of that time. Many people literally died because of a lack of oxygen. Even the amount of 0xygen in the air is degraded. So people are more conscious and serious about nature than ever before. They are getting the value of nature, they are planting trees, moving to personally grown vegetables, spreading positivity by planting trees at their home. The demand is more because of the pandemic and its causes. There is a need for nurseries and will always be. 

Youth knows the importance of nature and how people are destroying it. They believe in saving and nurturing the earth. A study says 60% of the customers of plant nurseries in India are ‘Youth’. This shows that the future will be colorful. 

This is an ongoing and growing business of today’s time. The demand will increase with time, once people will learn this habit.

Benefit Of Starting A Plant Nursery Business In India

The benefits of starting a plant business in India are the main focus of the pandemic. Oxygen is required for living and people are growing plants and trees as their habit now. The government is also urging people to grow trees and plants in their homes to meet the requirement of oxygen and destroy other bacterias present in the air. People are shifting towards healthier lifestyles. They are getting medicinal properties, Vegetables, fruits, and flowers from that. 

These things are high on demand and will increase with time. So this business is suitable and won’t see loss or crisis in future. This is the biggest benefit of a plant nursery in India.

Competition In Starting A Plant Nursery Business In India

Not even a single business is running without any competition in the market. Every competition should be healthy and it should not only result in sales but also results in quality and customer satisfaction. 

Competition in the plant nursery business in India is just like other businesses. The comparison of quality from the competitor, if they are selling much higher quality then you have to think about improving the quality of your plant and raw material because most of the people prefer quality over price. If your competitor sells the same plant at a low price, then they will attract the customer. If so, then you should also sell it at a low price because less profit margin will be okay than losing customers. 

Competition is the inevitable truth of business. Every businessman has to face it. Face it with dignity and mindfulness. And grow with flying colors as a result.

Raw Material Required In Starting A Plant Nursery Business In India

The Plant nursery business in India can be on a small scale and on the big one. Small scale such as opening a small nursery for customers and selling to fixed small businessmen. And on a big scale means taking orders from Hotels, restaurants, and other private organizations.

Nurseries can be of three types from a business point of view. 

  1. Wholesale Nurseries

These nurseries sell plants in bulk to large customers, who purchase in bulk.

  1. Retail Nurseries

These nurseries are for the locals. For the customer who purchases in small amounts.

  1. Private Nurseries

These nurseries grow plants for only a single client. Not for others to sell. 

So the raw material is the same for all the nurseries. 

  • Agricultural Land- A fertilized land for growing plants. 
  • Electricity- Requires for watering plants and lights.
  • Seeds and Saplings- It should be of the plant which you want to sell.
  • Soil- The idle blend of soil for plants is called LOAM.
  • Chemicals and Fertilizers- This helps in the process of photosynthesis and respiration.
  • Water- The important and the most required raw material.
  • Manures- Manure provides nutrients to the plants, slowly and steadily.
  • Manpower- Labour is required for helping and watching over the business.
  • Pots – Different types of pots are required for plants nursery business in India, whether they be of clay or plastic.

Equipment, Tools, And Machinery Required To Start A Plant Nursery Business In India

Machines, equipment, and tools are the bridge that connects and completes the process. They are very important not only for planting but for the quality of the plants. 

These are some of the Tools, Machinery, and equipment required for starting a plant selling business in India;

  1. Watering cans
  2. Scissors
  3. Crowbar
  4. Digging Forks
  5. Weeding Forks
  6. Garden Forks
  7. Grafting Knives
  8. Germination Trays
  9. Grafting Tapes
  10. Spades
  11. Pushcarts
  12. Kudali
  13. Green Lattice and Bats

These are the simple tools required for planting. Do not compromise on the quality of these tools. They are very important in the process.

One may think that machinery is not very important for plating but rather it requires people. But to reduce the manpower the requirement of these things are very necessary. 

Basic Planning And Initial Cost to Start A Plant Nursery Business In India

Starting a plant business totally depends on what scale you want it to be. As stated earlier in the articles, nurseries are of 3 types from a business point of view; Wholesale, Retail, and Private. And the biggest factor that lies under any business is ‘Area and Electricity’ Let’s understand this briefly;

Land (Area) Requirements For Plant Nursery Business In India

This factor is the most important factor of this business, can say, this is the foundation of the business. Now, the question is, Do you own the land or you will rent the area? The ¼ business cost depends on this. Do check the land you have or renting should be fertilized. 

Electricity Requirements For Plant Nursery Business In India

Electricity is also a little expensive factor for the plant selling business in India. Water is required in large amounts and to spread it in every corner requires electricity. Other pieces of machinery will require electricity too. Lights at night and the special bulbs require a lot of power.

Final Cost For Plant Nursery Business In India

If you are starting a small-scale business then it will cost at least around 50 thousand to 1 lakhs and if you are thinking about it on a large scale, then it will cost you around 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs including machinery, equipment, rent, accommodation, etc.

  1. Certification from Local Municipal Corporation
  2. Agriculture License
  3. Land Permit
  4. Registration of company
  5. Pan Number
  6. GST 
  7. Current Account
  8. Government permission for nursery construction
  9. Insurance of nursery

These are legal things one requires to start a plant selling business in India. The Legal procedure can take time but it is very important for the business. All the documents should be kept safe for the long run.

Things To Keep In Mind While Starting A Plant Nursery Business In India

Nursery Business india

Every business has its unique requirements and those requirements should be fulfilled. Some of the things to keep in mind are;

  • The first thing to keep in mind is about land. Whether you are renting land or you have it of your own, remember to check whether the land is fertile or not. If not then don’t even think of starting the plant selling a business there.
  • Start your business in such a locality where everyone has an eye on your nursery. This will help you to attract customers and increase your sales.
  • Seasonal plants are always popular amongst people and can’t be easily available. Do grow that and you can have a monopoly of them amongst your competitors.
  • Have a brief study in using manure, chemicals, etc., or Hire a professional for a while to explain to you and your labor how it actually works.
  • There should be sufficient staff to take care of plants and nurseries.

Risk In Starting A Plant Nursery Business In India

Risk is a part of the business. Where there is business, the risk is attached to it. The thing is to find solutions to those risks. Some of the risks while starting a plant selling business in India are;

Strong Competitors

Strong competitors can decrease the sale of your business. So Keep in mind while starting this business what should be the strategies to boom the business. Some strategies can be in the form of advertisements like, Make a  page on Instagram, post updates, sell on less profit margin, etc.


Locality affects the plants. Keep it out of pollutants like noise and filthy places. Keep it in a clean surrounding and where there is less noise pollution, air pollution and suitable for the plants.

Pest Attack

The risk of pest attack is one of the main factors of risk in this business. Use specific sprays to get rid of this problem if ever faced.

Unfavorable Climate 

An unfavorable climate can be a risk factor. Nothing can do much but in the rainy seasons, you can use special high power plant bulbs for the heat

Profit In Starting A Plant Nursery Business In India

Profit in this business depends upon how big or small scale you are running your business on. The big scale has different profits because the tools and raw material are in large quantities and on the other hand small scale does not require many tools and raw material. 

But this business is profitable because of its demand. People are more entwined towards nature and healthy lifestyles. So plant selling business in India will never see a downfall. It will prosper with time.

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