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How To Start A Bee Keeping Business in India | Best Business Plan For Honey Production Business in 2022

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Last Updated on May 31, 2022 by Kshitij

Bee Keeping Business In India
Bee Keeping Business In India

Honey Bees are the insects are known for their Honey which is a substance that is used in almost everything. Whether it be the production of medicine or it is the production of any food item, cosmetic item in almost all of the honey is used as a mandatory ingredient. Talking about bees they not only give us Honey but also provide us with wax which in this case is a very expensive material. 

Talking about the benefits of keeping honey bees and starting bee farming it should not be ignored that Honey Bees helps plants exchange pollen grains with each other. This in turn increases the production and thus can increase outputs for any of the crops that a farmer grows. So this business also helps the farmer to increase their income whether it be by selling honey or by the increased production of the crops.

Let us now discuss the beekeeping business in detail and let’s get to every aspect of the Beekeeping business.

Demand for Bee Keeping Business in India

Rearing Honey Bees or practicing “Apiculture” is been in mankind for a long time. In this business Honey Bees are kept for the production of Bee Wax, Honey, and lots of other stuff. When talking about the demand for Beekeeping business in India, it is of no doubt that with a due increase in the number of new medicinal companies the demand for Honey has also increased subsequently.

With this said it is also worth mentioning that honey is also used in the production of cosmetic items. The rising demand for honey and other stuff like Bee Wax, Royal Jelly, Pollen Grains, etc indicates that Bee Keeping in India is an emerging Business Idea and it can be a very profitable business if planned properly.

When the pandemic hit mankind in 2020, there was a shortage of honey as everyone got to know the medicinal properties of honey and they started consuming honey. This indicates that people are still learning how to use honey for its medicinal properties.

Types of Business related to Bee Keeping Business in India.

There are many types of businesses that can be related to the Bee Keeping Industry. Some of them include:

  • Keeping Honey Bees for the production of Honey.
  • Keeping Honey Bees for the production of Bee Wax, Pollen grains, etc.
  • Importing or Exporting Honey and other materials and selling it directly either to the customer or to any industry.

Here we will discuss the manufacturing or production process of Honey, Bee Wax, etc both on a large scale and even on a small scale. This is a type of Business Idea that can be easily practiced on a large scale as well as a small scale from home. Farmers can even practice beekeeping business with their normal agricultural business which will eventually increase their income.

Benefits of Bee Keeping Business in India

As it’s seen that the pandemic has helped people in developing good habits of maintaining hygiene and also taking care of their health. Using Honey for increasing immunity is becoming the most popular thing in today’s time. People are getting more and more inclined toward Ayurvedic and Herbal Products for taking care of their health. Thus Bee Keeping business is a type of evergreen business that will never get saturated as with the rising population the demand for honey and cosmetic products will also increase with due time.

Thus it can be said that keeping Honey bees for bee farming in India is rising day by day.

Competition in Bee Keeping Business in India

Talking about the competition, it is clear that the competition is rising day by day for every business. When we talk about the beekeeping business for honey production we can see that there are a lot of big companies like Dabur, Patanjali, etc that are producing honey for a long time. But their honey has added chemicals and preservatives which people nowadays don’t want to use as it may increase the risk of health issues. So opening a venture like this where you provide pure honey and other materials directly to people will never get affected by competition. 

We just have to keep the purity and quality of the honey or any product which we are extracting from a Bee Keeping Business, on the top. Nowadays people search the whole market and they only take the product when they get satisfied with the purity and quality of the products. So if we maintain the quality and purity then it would not be hard to beat all the competitors and get to the top.

Raw Materials required for Bee Keeping Business in India

InBusinessIdeas How To Start A Bee Keeping Business in India | Best Business Plan For Honey Production Business in 2022
Bee Keeping Business in India

Beekeeping or “Apiculture” is a business model which can be practiced on both small scales – from home or on a large scale by establishing Bee farms. If we practice Beekeeping business on a small scale or the large scale then the raw materials could be:

Raw Materials for starting a Bee Keeping Business on a small scale or a large scale i.e. from home or from small farms or from big bee-keeping farms.

  1. Having a place for setting up Bee Farms: These small land areas can be used to set up the bee farms where the bees will make their hives and will start collecting honey from the surroundings. These areas should be low in moisture as if we take an area that is high in moisture then it may affect bees.
  2. As we all know that honey is made out of the pollen grains which are extracted from the flowers by the bees so the surrounding should contain lots of plants and trees which will again help the bees to collect pollen and hence create the honey. These plants and trees also provide shade and act as a shelter for the honey bees and their beehives.
  3. Tools and equipment: Talking about the tools in the beekeeping business, there are like 10 – 15 tools that are kind of required.

Some of them include :

  1. Hive stand
  2. Smoker
  3. Hive tool
  4. Protective wears 
  5. Queen excluder
  6. Combs
  7. Frames
  8. Cover for the box – inner, outer.

Machines required in Bee Keeping Business in India

Talking about the machines there are no such machines that are required during the time of production as honey bees take care of the production and we don’t have to put any effort. Machines can be used to package the honey which after being extracted from the bees are going to get exported to the market. So basically we need machines just to package the products and we can even ignore these machines if we are starting a beekeeping business on a small scale. 

To view, some of the packaging machines make sure to see this page.

Basic planning before starting Bee Keeping Business in India

InBusinessIdeas How To Start A Bee Keeping Business in India | Best Business Plan For Honey Production Business in 2022
Bee Keeping Business in India

Before starting any business it is quite important to make a plan as it helps us to guide ourselves as well as to take care of the business properly. For the beekeeping business, there are a lot of business plans that should be made before starting the business. 

Starting out with the type of the project whether it is a small-scale Bee Keeping Business or a large-scale Bee Keeping Business. 

Then we have to take the training. Yes, we are talking about the Beekeeping training which can be taken either from the institutes or from the people who are practicing the bee keeping business for a long time. 

After getting trained, one should get practical experience then only it would be easy for them to start a beekeeping business with ease and start the production of Honey and other materials.

It is also very important to first discuss the types of bees that can be brought before starting the Bee Keeping Business in India.

Some of the bee types are given below:

  • Indian Hive Bees (Apis Cerana Indica)
  • Rock Bees (Apis Dorsata)
  • Little Bees (Apis Florea)
  • European and Italian Bees (Apis Mellifera)
  • Dammer Bee or Stingless Bee (Tetragonula Iridipennis)

While setting up the farms we have to choose the species that we have to keep. One should give prior research on these species before even thinking to start the beekeeping business.

Initial cost for setting up Bee Keeping Business in India

Many of us will be waiting eagerly for this point to come. The wait is over. Let’s discuss the cost. Cost is the primary concern of any business. It decides the scale of the business, the estimated profit, and the future.

Let us now make a cost report for about 20 Bee Colonies. The prices and costs mentioned below can be a bit relative to the location and many other parameters. Make sure to give it a check yourself for your area and take these calculations as a reference.

Let us assume that we are going to keep 50 Bee Colonies.

Number of beehives:100
Comb base sheet:Rs 700 per Kg
Sugar:Rs 45 per Kg
Cost of nucleus box: Rs 1200 (Cerana) & Rs 2000 (Mellifera)
Cost of honey extractorRs 5000 per piece for Cerana & Rs 7000 per piece for Mellifera
Hive stand cost:Rs 300
Labor cost per day:Rs 250
Cost of a Mellifera Bee colony: Cost of a Cerana bee colony:Rs 3500 Rs 2500

Our Basic Capital Investment for Bee Keeping Business will look like this:

MaterialInvestment in Rs (Cerana)Investment in Rs (Mellifera)
Cost of 100 Bee colonies2,50,0003,50,000
Cost of 50 nucleus box60,0001,00,000
Cost of the honey extractor5,0007,000
Cost of 100 Beehives1,00,0002,00,000
Cost of 600 ant wells12,00012,000
Cost of 150 feeder frames @ Rs 120/frame for Mellifera and Rs 100/ frame for Cerana15,00018,000
Cost of honey bee farming equipment (smoker, hive tool, swarm net, Bee veil, wire embedder, storage drums, and other miscellaneous)10,00016,000
Cost of 150 hive stands  
Cost of 200 Queen gates8,000
Cost of 100 Queen Bee excluder sheet20,000
Total cost4,60,0007,23,000

In the above table, we talked about the initial investment to start bee keeping business. Let us now discuss the recurring fees and investment details to start the business in a cycle.

Recurring Investment in Beekeeping Business Plan

Material and laborInvestment in Rs (Cerana)Investment in Rs (Mellifera)
Cost of comb foundation sheet5,60042,000
Cost of sugar for feeding @ 200 kg for Mellifera and 100 kg for Cerana 9,00018,000
Charges for survival and pollination20,00050,000
Labour charges for 300 days1,50,0001,50,000
Total cost1,84,6002,60,000

Things to keep in mind before starting the business

For setting up any kind of business in India, we have to take various permissions and licenses from the Government. These documents help us to practice our business legally and to get all the benefits provided by the Government.

Some of them are mentioned below.

  1. UAM Registration (Udyog Aadhar Registration With MSME)
  2. Company Registration with Registrar Of Companies
  3. Trade License
  4. Factory License
  5. BIS Certification

We can also take benefits from the schemes of government through which we can get a loan for starting our beekeeping business. The NBB (National Bee Board), in association with NABARD, has schemes for financing the Bee keeping businesses in India.

Risks and problems in that business

When we make any business plan we have to think both about its pros and its cons before taking any action. As there are many risks that are related to businesses that people don’t consider from the start. Though we have talked about so many pros of Bee Keeping Business plan so now let’s dive deep and discuss some of the risks or the cons of the Bee Keeping Business in India.

The first risk and problem that we might face while starting Bee Keeping Business are keeping bees away from diseases and pests. 

  1. Some of the pests that affect honey bees are: wax moths, ants, wasps, wax beetles, birds, trachea mites, parasitic mites, Varroa destroyers, bee mites, brood mites, etc., are common pests.
  2. Some of the diseases that affect honey bees are European foul-brood disease, American foulbrood, Nosema disease, Sacbrood disease (SBV), Chalkbrood disease, Thai sacbrood virus (TSBV)and Stone brood disease, etc.

Bad weather and climate conditions also become a risk for Bee Keeping Business. So it should be also taken into account before starting the business.

Profits in the business

Profit in this business depends upon how big or small scale you are running your business on. Let us discuss the profitability of the above-mentioned assumption for 50 bee colonies.

Profits in Bee Keeping Business in India
Profit in Bee Keeping Business in India

But this business is profitable because of its demand. People are more entwined toward nature and healthy lifestyles. So bee keeping business in India will never see a downfall. It will prosper with time.

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