How To Start An Online Business In India | Best Online Business Ideas | Why To Start An Unique Online Business?

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best online business ideas for money making
Best Online Business Ideas To Make Money

Online Business Ideas in 2022

As the pandemic has taken the world in its roots, from the biggest organization to the smallest business, everything has become online. The fancy word for this term is E-business; Electronic Business. Now there are ample questions that arise in the minds of people that What exactly this online business is? What does an online business deal with? How to start an online business in India? What are the ways to start an online business in a country like India? What are the popular businesses in India to start online? Calm down, amigo. This article is going to kill all the doubts and leave a person doubtless and confident. 

First and Foremost, What is an Online Business?

Many people have heard about an online business but there are very few people who are aware of this term exactly. Online Business is the online trade of products and services to make a profit out of it. All the buying, selling, and services provided online is an online business. 

Let’s understand things enormously!

Why To Start An Online Business In India In 2022?

In today’s scenario where everything has moved to digital, there are many reasons to start an online business in India. E-business is enormous. It is not going to be on a small scale but rather on a big one with time. India has the third-largest number of Internet Users in the whole world. According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), the size of the Indian online retail industry is INR 2000 crore and the industry is expected to have a steady annual growth rate of US $111.40 billion by 2025. The Demand for Online Business will rise from 14.1 % to 22% by 2023.

The advantages of an Online Business

Anytime and Anywhere. 24 hours and 7 days a week.

The best thing about an Online Business is that you can have access anytime you want. The business suffers when there is a hindrance in the smooth going function. And there are many hindrances in offline business. But online, you can take charge in your hands anytime and anywhere.

Flexible Service 

Service is the main expectation of customers. Services in online business are comparatively easier than offline services.

Cost Saving

The main benefit of Online business is cost saving. Compared to an offline business, E-business doesn’t require offline stuff like cost of the place, electricity, etc. And if it is, then it’s very nominal. 

Measurable Results

It gives accurate and measurable results. As the work is digital, everything is transparent and clear. Matrix usage makes the result quantifiable.

Top 10 Best Online Business Ideas In India!

Best Online Business Ideas
Best Online Business Ideas

As the world is evolving and growing, many new things are emerging with time. Online Business is flying high in the digital world at its full speed.  Pandemic has given reasons to people to introspect themselves and bring out a better version of themselves. There have been many online ideas that emerged by the people during the past few years and the best ones are:

  1. Blogging

Blogging is the modern way to publish articles, where a prominent income is expected if your content is in trend. 

  1. YouTubing

Every person has something to tell the world. Whether it’s delicious cooking or valuable life lessons. Start and create.

  1. Create An Online Course

There are many platforms on which you can create a particular course on a topic and present it to the world.

  1. Sell Handmade Products

Be its handmade cards or handmade scented candles everything can sell in the online business.

  1. Become A Writer

Learn some modern writing techniques and become a content writer and provide services to the needful people.

  1. An Online Teacher

Everyone is a teacher in their own way. But some are lucky enough to teach lessons to others.

  1. Sell Your Art

Everyone is an artist, some can manage to make money out of their art by selling.

  1. Develop A Niche Product

Develop a product, and sell online to the relevant sites.

  1. Try Your Hand Being An Influencer

It’s a trend to influence people with the uniqueness one has in their life.

  1. Launch Your Own Clothing Line

You can design and sell clothes online. It’s the best business idea, especially for women.

Why To Consider Only These Business Ideas?

When a particular business is selected for the online trade of products or goods and services, there should be some reason where you can differentiate the other business ideas from the selected one. A business should be selected on the basis of comprehensive, valuable reasons which will add value to the growth of the business. And some the reasons one should keep in mind while selecting a particular business idea are- 

  1. Demand

When a new business gets launched in the market, demand is the most important analytical factor, a business is judged upon. Demand’s direct connection is from supply and supply is the key to the growth of a business.

  1. Need Of The Product

If a business launches its product or gives services, it must observe the need of that particular product first. When there is a need in the market, the product will succeed in the long run. 

  1. Competition

If there is competition in the market, both possibilities can take place. If the product is unique and needful then monopoly will take place and will win the market. But if there is competition, the product should have its USP to jump and win over the competition by other products or services.

  1. Satisfactory Profit

Every business starts with the purpose of earning profit. Profit is the outcome of one’s hard work. And hard work should pay you monetary satisfaction. Always remember, profit is the future investment of business.

How To Think For Unique Online Business Ideas

Best Online Business Ideas
Unique Online Business Ideas

Ways are the reasons why a destination seems to be achievable. The answer to ‘How to start an online business in India’ is ‘Ways’. Let’s have a look;

  • First, you have to do market research. 

The brain Stormer step. Do the market research of the selected product. Its’ competitors, demand, variables, etc. Imagine the business is already launched in the market and now observe the problems and their solutions, their demand and quality. Check whether it is suitable for the market or not.

  • Validate it with what you have researched.

With the researched material, analyze the need and place of the customer. Take reviews from people, commence surveys, test the market for the product. Learn from your competitor, if any. 

  • Plan your product with a great setup idea for an online business.

The time arrives where you bring your imagination to reality. These research and information are the pieces by which a plot will be built by planning.

First, SWOT AnalysisThe first thing to do in planning is a SWOT analysis of the market.

Second, Funding – Anyone can make a master plan with remarkable business ideas but successful ideas are those who have the funding to bring the thoughts into reality.

Third, Metrics of sales – Follow this technique, no matter what. This will be the guide for the future.

  • Make an interesting website for your business.

Assume, Business is the school and the website is the teacher. Without a teacher, it is impossible for a student to achieve their destination. Website is the bridge between a business and the customer. Design it. Take help or hire a professional. 

  • Promote your business on social media.

Social media plays a vital role in an online business. Promotions on social media can be very beneficial to the business. Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, etc.

The Pillars Of Every Sucessful Business – Cost, Investment, and Profit.

Paying to an Online Business
Starting an Online Business

As the topic says, ‘The Pillars’. Business is incomplete without these three words. Foundation of a business plan but the execution is these three words. Let’s read about them briefly.

  1. Cost

Cost is an economic concept. In business, it depends on the margin of the business. Every business carries a margin, it can be on the big scale or on a small one.

  1. Investment

In an online business, investment can be of two types; either the owner brings his own capital, or can follow a method called Bootstrapping. It’s a company with personal savings and provides services. For example, Startups conduct classes or provide some courses from which they select some interns as their coordinators. And then those coordinators bring them more students. They raise funds by educating others and without any help from investors.

  1. Profit

Profit is dependent on Investment. What investment will be there? Commencement of every business is done with one of the mottoes of earning Profit.

Second, the Highest profit comes from customer satisfaction because when customers are satisfied, obviously they are going to come with more customers. 

What Market Strategies Should Be Applied To Run A Successful Online Business?

Online Business in India
Online Business vs Offline Business

To run a business, one should run towards the strategies to enhance the smooth function of an online business.

  1. Invest In Web Design

Web designing is the eye-catchy technique to pull customers on the website. We always stop in front of the funky shop rather than on a simple one. An eye first reads italic words rather than simple words. Always do something unique on the website.

  1. Use Search Engine Marketing And Optimization

The smartest yet a little complicated option. SEM or SEO is the basic requirement of every other organization. Create SEO-friendly content, so that your website can trend on google.

  1. Use Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most effective strategy to make customers visit our website. 

  1. Conduct Contest And Giveaways

The smartest way to attract customers and bring traffic to the site. Most engaging technique for an online business.

  1. Maintain a blog

Humans are updated because blogs and sites are updated. Creating a blog is a simple thing but maintaining it is a difficult task. Maintain every new information.

Things To Remember While Starting An Online Business In India.

  1. Website

The website Should be mobile friendly and all the options and a user guide should be available on the dashboard.

  1. Documentations

Like, Business Operation Licence, Employer Identification Number, Seller’s Permit, GST Registration, etc.

  1. Payment Gateways

Customers are enormous and their methods will be different. Options like Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet banking, Cash On Delivery, and other options should be available.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

The satisfaction of customers is the first thing to ponder upon. Whether it’s about product description, Payment method, or Warranty, or Guarantee period, every question should provide a complete detailed answer. 

  1. Advertisement

Advertisement is the magical ingredient of a business. Business’s most powerful tool. All the promotion of business should be done sincerely on every social media site.

What Are The Risk Factors While Starting An Online Business In India?

Business is equal to risk. Risk is the undeniable truth of business. 

Some of the factors one should keep in mind while starting an online business in India.

  1. Online Security of the Business.

In these times, threats are very common if one is irresponsible. Online security is the most important factor of risk to ponder upon. Be aware of phishing, Credit Card frauds, and Hacking. Check all the responsible actions taken. Use strong passwords with numbers and characters involved.

  1. Intellectual property of the Business

It is a team in the business which takes charge of copywriting on your content, logo, and other important points. Protect your uniqueness and copyright the stuff which makes you unique.

  1. Problems and Disputes of customer

There are many problems shared by people in the comment section, feedback, Email, and reviews. Do answer them because the first motto of any business should be the satisfaction of customers. 

  1. Customer Service

 A customer treated nicely attracts many other new customers. Customer service plays a vital role in enhancing a business. One should treat customers with respect and solutions to their problems.

  1. Warehouse and Logistics

Last but not the least, Warehouse and logistics. When a business expands with time, you need to remember the things related to Supply management and the dates of delivering the products.


A complete guide on  ‘How to start an online business in India’. 

Being Digital is the new India. Online business is the key to make your business famous in the whole world. During the lockdown, when an invisible enemy took its outcry on the world, where people can’t afford to switch off their businesses, there came the DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY shining out of the dark clouds. 

Accept digital and be an empowered human on this wonderful planet! 

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