How To Start A Poultry Farm Business in India | Best Business Plan For Chicken And Egg Farming In 2021

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How To Start A Poultry Farm Business in India
How To Start A Poultry Farm Business in India

Poultry Farming Business Plan in India in 2022

Today’s topic is how to start poultry farm business which is an eye-opening opportunity for you all. Everyone must be knowing the basic concept of these farms where Egg-laying birds like Hens, Ducks, etc are kept and they are raised for commercial as well as domestic purposes. These purposes include raising these Poultry Birds for meat, eggs, feathers, etc. Let us dig deep into the vital concepts of this Business Idea and let us understand all the information which is necessary before taking up poultry egg farming business plan.

Demand For Poultry Farms Or Chicken Farms in India.

India is a country where people from various religions live together. Some of them share Non-Vegetarian eating habits and at the same time, some people share Vegetarian eating habits. According to a survey it was found that the dominant category of people was those who shared Non-Veg eating habits. So we can start a successful Poultry Farm business if we target these people who are very dependant upon the products like meat, eggs, etc. Finding these people would be easy and the method to find them will be explained in the forthcoming paragraphs. We will be making a Poultry Farming Business Plan In India.

Types Of Businesses Related To Poultry Farming Business Plan In India

There are multiple business opportunities in the field of Poultry Farming and to talk about some of them we majorly describe them as:

  • Raising Poultry for Meat – mainly Broilers
  • Raising Poultry for Egg Production – mainly Layers like Duck, Hen, etc
  • Raising Poultry for breeding
  • Making Poultry Feeds for these Animals

These are some of the opportunities that we can get if we want a business related to Poultry Farming in India. We can choose any of the businesses mentioned above. For this discussion, we are going to make a business plan for raising these poultry animals for meat and egg production.

Benefits of Poultry Farming Business Plan in India

There are many benefits of Poultry Farm Business some of them are explained below.

  • In this time where people are becoming more conscious about their health, it would be a great idea to start a business where we can fulfill the needs of people. At this time everyone wants to have a diet that is rich in protein and is highly nutritious and as we know meat and eggs are the primary sources of animal proteins that we can get. If we look towards the population, it is increasing day by day and hence the demand for Poultry Farms are also rising at the same speed.
  • When comparing this business model with other business models we can surely say that the need for electricity is very less in Poultry Farm Business.
  • Poultry farm business is an evergreen business as it provides a slow, steady but continous income opportunity all over the year.

Competition in Poultry Farming Business Plan in India

Though it cannot be neglected that the competition in this business idea is rising gradually day by day but we should not forget that any business can be successful if we work in the right path. Any business can be successful if the business owner keeps patience and works endlessly. There are many fewer Poultry Farms where the business owner takes care of the quality of the products that they are offering.

Everyone is just running behind the numbers so that the sales get increased and the profit is higher. To make a long-running business one should always work towards the quality of products. If the quality of the products is good then people will search for your brand’s name in the market. So it’s never late to start any business if you are going to dedicate yourself to that business idea. Work Hard and make everything possible.

Planning Needed To Setup Poultry Farming Business Plan in India in 2022

Let’s discuss everything that is needed if we want to set up a Poultry Farm in India.

Place and Area Required For Setting Up Poultry Farm In India.

Talking about the place and area for setting up the poultry farms, I must tell you that there are various types of Poultry Farms and the space and area requirements for all of them are quite different. These different types of farms are made according to the space and area that is available to the business owner. Let’s discuss 3 types of poultry farms that are generally practiced in India.

  • Battery Cage Poultry Farm – For a Battery Cage Poultry Farm 6500 – 7000 sqfts of area is needed (depends on the number of birds that you want to start with) which includes both the area required by the birds and the area which is needed for other things of the farm. In this system the birds are kept in big enclosure so they dont move or run freely on their own.
  • Free Range Poultry Farm – For a Free Range Poultry Farm the area that is needed is falls in the range between 12000 – 40000 sqfts (depends on the number of birds that you want to start with) as in these areas the birds are left freely so that they can move and live by themselves.
  • Semi Range Poultry Farm – These farms are the combination of both Free range and Battery Cage Poultry Farms where the birds are provided with a small area to move freely and they live inside small room called coop. The space requirements for these types of farms are between 8000 to 10000 sqfts (depends on the number of birds that you want to start with).

Choosing Birds for setting up Poultry Business In India

Choosing birds are the most important part when making a Poultry Business plan. It is the most important part where we have to decide the main aim for this business whether we want meat production, egg production, or something else. For setting a local poultry farm in India we have to look for the consumers and then decide if we have to work in egg production or meat production. Though many types of birds are raised here in India but majorly, farmers breed Broilers which are raised for meat production. Let’s discuss deeply about chickens and let’s get some idea about other birds too.

  • Broilers:  Broiler Chickens are raised because their growth rate is comparitively high and also their meat content is much more than the normal chickens. Moreover Broiler Chickens only take 7 to 8 weeks to grow to their full size.
  • Layers: Layers are the special kind of Chickens which are preferred for their high egg production rate. These Birds starts laying eggs within 4 months to 5 months and they keep laying eggs till 1.2 years. Approximately these birds can lay upto 250 eggs per year.
  • Rooster: These birds are generally seen as the dominant male chickens. They grow slowly but their demand is quite high as the taste of their meat is better than Broilers.
  • Ducks: There are many varities of ducks in both meat and egg production but majorly Pekin and Muscovy ducks are preferred for meat production. Pekin and Khaki Campbells are generally raised as the egg producing ducks.
  • Pigeons, Quails, Turkeys are also raised for meat and egg farming and their demand depends upon the people as they are not commonly consumed in India.

Best Poultry Feeds In India

Poultry feeds are the foods that we provide to the Poultry birds for their nutrition and better growth. We have to take care of many things when giving feeds to the birds that are present in the poultry farm. Taking care of these birds is necessary as if we don’t take care of them then the quality of production can degrade and it will make a very bad effect on our business and on their health too. We should never forget that they are also living beings and should be given proper care.

Nutrients like Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats, etc are also needed by the Poultry Birds in the Poultry Farms. As the deficiency of any of these nutrients can lead to different problems like low egg production and hindered growth. Many times birds die due to these deficiencies and the business owners are even not able to understand the reason behind their death.

Some of the best Poultry Feeds in India are:

  • Wheat, Wheat middlings
  • Oats and Oats middlings
  • Corn
  • Millets
  • Flax
  • Concentrates and Balancers are also used as an additional supplements for these Poultry Birds.
 Best Poultry Feeds In India
Best Poultry Feeds In India

Poultry Farm Business Plan Cost

Before starting any business it is very much important to make note of the business ROI and the money that is needed to start the business at a decent level. Now let us discuss the basic cost for the Poultry Farm Business.

Let’s talk about a situation where you have an area of 1000 sqft and you want to set up a Poultry Farm Business in India (small scale). Let’s talk about this case and then we will see the actual cost that is needed to start a Poultry Farm Business.

  • For an area of 1000 sqfts, the prices may vary but if we take 180 Rupees per sqft then the total comes to be 180*1000 = 1,80,000 Rupees. This is the one time investment as you can carry on the business in the same place in future also.
  • The price for the chickens varies depending on their breed. Let us take an example where the price of one bird is 40 Rupees so for 500 birds the price is 40*500 = 20,000 Rupees.
  • Since the total number of days is 45, let’s assume the birds require 4 kg feed per day, which comes to a total of 180 kgs of feed for 45 days. If we consider the cost of feed as Rs. 20 per kg, then the total cost can be of 3600 Rupees.

Other Costs like Incidental expenses – electricity, water management, marketing costs, etc and we can calculate these costs at Rs.10 per chicken, to a total of Rs. 5000

Total Rough Expenses = 180000+20000+3600+5000 = 2,10,000 Rupees

In a summary, the amount of money that you need to start a poultry farm business in India will primarily depend on the size of the business. This means if you are planning to start a small-scale poultry farm, you will need around 50,000 to 1,50,000 Rupees. While to start a medium-scale poultry business, you may need around 1.5 lakh to 3.5 lakhs Rupees. And for a large-scale poultry farm, you will need to invest around 7 Lakhs to 10 lakhs Rupees.

Loan Options provided by the Government for Setting Up A Poultry Farm In India

In my opinion generally, in these types of business projects, the government has many kinds of Yojanas by which we can get subsidies. These subsidies help a lot in this kind of business. The Government does provide us with loans and subsidies as they are pushing these types of business ideas so that the people of India can become self-dependent.

For more details on the Loan Options provided by the different banks of India make sure to visit here.

Necessary Documents Required For The Loan Application.

To apply for the loans for setting up a Poultry Farm in India, we must have the following documents with us.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Praman Patra
  • Banking Details
  • Business Plan
  • Business License, etc.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Setting Up A Poultry Farm Business In India.

For setting up any kind of business in India, we have to take various permissions and licenses from the Government. These documents help us to practice our business legally and to get all the benefits provided by the Government.

Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Business License
  • Insurance Policy for the Farm and Animals
  • Poultry Farm Business Permit from the Government
  • Tax ID
  • Animal Cruelty and Protection
  • NOC by the Local Government and from the Pollution Board
  • GST Registration, etc.

Risks And Problems That We Might Face When Setting Up A Poultry Farm In India.

When we make any business plan we have to think both about its pros and its cons before taking any action. As there are many risks that are related to businesses that people don’t consider from the start. Though we have talked about so many pros of poultry farm business plan so now let’s dive deep and discuss some of the risks or the cons of the Poultry Farm Business in India.

  • Poultry Diseases: One of the biggest problems that we face in setting up Poultry Farms is the diseases which are responsible in killing all of the animals. The biggest example is the Bird Flu that we see kind of every year.
  • Getting rid of Carcasses: When the birds die, whatever be the reason we have to immediately get rid of the dead bodies as if the dead body stays there for a long time then it might lead to the spread of any infectious disease which might kill other birds too.
  • Human Disease Transmission: We have seen many variety of Avian Flu’s that gets transferred to humans and hence produce a threat to the life of the Business Owner or the caretaker.

Profits In The Poultry Farming Business Plan:

Having an idea of the profit and outcomes of any business is very necessary before starting any business. So let’s talk about the profits and outcomes of the chicken egg production business without wasting much time.

  • As egg and chickens are the most demanded source of essential nutrients like protiens and animal fats. Therefore the demand for chicken and egg production business gets boosted like a rocket. So, selling the products which is chicken and egg in this business plan is not a big issue.
  • There are many restaurants, food chains that require a large amount of eggs and chicken on a daily basis for their customers. So if we contact them, we can sell our eggs and chickens more easily.
  • During winters, the demand for eggs and chicken rises significantly, so a poultry egg and chicken production business plan will surely boom during that time. As poultry egg production business is an evergreen business all over the year but due to shortage of eggs and chicken in the winters our sales will rise.
  • India is a country of festivals and here we tend to keep ourselves away from the non veg food during these festival times but as soon as the festival ends there is a sudden increase in the demand for chicken and eggs and all the animal products. So a chicken egg production business will perform good in this time too.
  • In marriages and parties there is a huge demand of eggs, chickens and other animal products. We can even use our contacts to get the details of these functions and we can supply the food items and hence we can increase our sales which in turn will increase our profit.

By seeing the metrics about the poultry farming business plan in India it can be easily said that this business can be the most successful business in the near future as people will never stop eating. Though if the quality of the products are taken care of then people will search the whole market for your product and you can be a millionaire soon.

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What is Poultry (Chicken and Egg) Farming?

Poultry or egg and chicken farming refer to the concept where egg-laying birds like Hens, Ducks, etc are kept and they are raised for commercial as well as domestic purposes. These purposes include raising these Poultry Birds for meat, eggs, feathers, etc.

What are the types of businesses related to poultry farming business plan in India?

There are many types of business available in the field of Poultry Farming and to talk about some of them we majorly describe them as Raising Poultry for Meat, Raising Poultry for Egg Production, etc.

What does the Poultry Farm Business Plan Cost?

For getting started, one can easily set up a Poultry farm with a basic investment of 2 Lakh Rupees (2,00,000). The ROI of this business is very good and one can easily get back the amount of money invested in one season itself.

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