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How To Start A Mask Making Business In India? | Best business ideas in India 2022

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Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Kshitij

Mask making business in India

Mask making in India

What is the first thing you carry with you when you step outside your home? Manhattan, you are guessing it right? A Mask! This covid time has taught us that there is an N number of infections in the environment. If you want to stay healthy you need to take some necessary precautions. Like doing exercise daily, staying hydrated, avoiding junk food, and most importantly- Wearing a mask. 

Today, a mask is as powerful in these times as Hulk in Marvel. A cloth can save you from an invisible enemy who has harmed millions of people in the past. There is nothing more important than life itself. Why risk it over a piece of cloth and that too for our own security. 

A mask is a necessity today. The population uses masks for their own and others’ safety. There are public places where you can’t step in without masks. Rules and Regulations include fines and punishments for violation of law

In this article, we will get to know how important a mask is and how one can start this considerable and pronounced business. Let’s study briefly about the topic. 

Why To Start This Mask Making Business In India in 2022?

Every business and a person who is going to start a particular business has their own reasons to get started. Personal reasons, professional reasons, career reasons, financial reasons, and business reasons.  

As of now schools in India are still closed. And we know how important is our kid’s safety. So, by keeping the children population in mind one can start thinking of mask making business in India in 2022. It is a very unique business idea in India in 2022.

We have a 130 Crore population in India, everyone needs at least 4-5 masks per person that too that mask can run up to 1-2 months, so it is really a good idea to start production of masks in India. You can target different age groups, for kids, or for youngsters, or for all, see not everyone will like to wear a similar mask, some will like funky, some just simple, some colorful and bright, so start design and production in that way.

One should have an aim to start and a plan to achieve it. Some reasons to select this mask making business in India, are;

  1. Situation, Condition, and Environment.

The Situation provokes execution. COVID left us with nothing but free time and empty minds. People who are curious and know the condition of the environment, always come up with the best solutions. Many people analyzed the market and came up with different business ideas and one of the most successful ideas was Making Maks and still is.

  1. Needs, requirements, and Demand.

Pandemic has given us different requirements. Whether it is about standing outside of our home or going for a walk, a mask is necessary to wear. And if not, then there are fines and punishments by the Government. It has raised the demand. And a clever businessman always focuses on the areas where demand is more and supply is less to complete the balance. 

  1. Profitable. 

The main motto of any and every business is to earn profit. And where there are terms like Requirements, Need, Demand, etc, profit is already added in that. There are many other important reasons too, but profit is undeniably the main reason. 

Every individual has their own different opinion. These are the generalized reasons one can think of and ponder upon. Do share your opinions with us in the comment section.

Business Structure for making mask in India

A business structure is a guide followed by the owner. Guide which helps to create plans, execute them with requirements, and compare the actual result with the expected result. Business structure is important for the future of the firm. So here is what a business structure contains;

  • Market Analysis

To analyze a market points to keep in mind are 

  1. Targeted market, see whether you have targeted the correct market. You are in the right place.
  1. Time to enter. Timing is the main thing one should keep in mind while entering. 
  1. Market need, analyse what is the market need. What your Competitors are selling. Compare your product with them.
  1. Risks. Find risks so that you can come up with some solutions to reduce the amount of risk.
  • Demand

After analyzing the market, comes the demand of consumers. What kind of demand is in the market. Target audience. Find out their different needs. People of every age wear masks.  Make accordingly. Comfort for senior citizens and fashion of the youth, decency for corporate and stylish for weddings and influencers.  

  • Financial Plan

The financial plan is all about cost, investment, and expenditure.

  1. Funding is the main source of start ups. Other than that the owner introduces a good amount of capital in the firm. 
  1. Cost structure, to ensure all the assets are in budget. Raw material requirement and labour are other two points.
  1. Sales forecast, If a firm is targeting demand then it must reach the supply of the same. Sales will balance the demand-supply chain.
  1. Important Assumptions, Risks, cost of depreciation, decrease in demand, are some common assumptions to take and find the solutions to.
  • Strategies

Strategies and innovative ideas can save even a drowning business. Hire Marketers for the role and make necessary strategies to enhance and expand the business. Like, price, market plans, risks, and topics to make strategies for.

  • Competitors

Analyze their strategies and technique, what they are providing, and then compare where your firm lacking. Quality is the pride of a business and never let it down for some extra money, otherwise, you will lose your loyal customers. At this time no one particular business is there which is producing masks solely. So, this mask making business in India can be proved very profitable.

  • Management

Management is a process of designing and maintaining an environment where all the individuals work together for achieving the same organizational goal. You need to manage the design, the material used in mask making, the stitching and pasting work, then packaging and promoting them, then about the delivery, you need to think from all aspect at once. With every department doing its work with honesty, the business will run smoothly. 

Raw Material, Machinery, and Labour required to start a Mask Making Business in India.

mask making
Mask making

What are the basic yet important things in a business?

Raw Material to start the process, Machinery to execute the raw material and most important ‘Labour’, bridge to the other two.


  1. Raw Material
  • Fabric- A good quality fabric for the two layers of the mask. 
  • Cloth scissors- Use to cut the fabric as per the requirement. 
  • Threads- To stitch the fabric material.
  • Dyes- To colour it in different shades.
  • Steel Nose Clips- A 3mm clip to split the mask and give it a perfect shape.
  • Elastic cord strap- A 2mm strap for the support at the back of the ears.
  • Sewing machine- For the finished work of the fabric. 

2. Machinery

For the basic idea, you need to learn about cutting and stitching clothes, that is the most important skill. Mask making is not very difficult. You need only a stitching machine for that. The one which we see at home.

But yes, if you are planning to do everything in an automatic manner you should consider the below machineries.

  • Face Mask Making Machine– Automatic high-speed flat earloop mask production line machine.
  • Mask crimping Machine-It is a connector for conjoining two metals. 
  • Mask trimming Machine- It is used to cut the leftover fabric.
  • Nose bridge Line fitting Machine- It is used to fit the metal clip between the mask.
  • Earband Spot Welding Machine- Used to join the metal by heating it.

3. Labour

You can get to learn very easily if you know how to stitch, this mask making business would not be difficult for you. IF one gets to learn about mask making, I am sure that person can teach 10 others to stitch. And it is a fact if one learns how to stitch that person can never forget that skill, that is the beauty of the stitching skill.

  • Labour required for this business is very little. Because the Machines can do all the required work.
  • Business just needs some skilled worker who can supervise the machinery and some unskilled worker to take care of other stuff.
  • On average, around 4 skilled workers take charge of the machines and 2-3 unskilled workers for equipment and safety. 

That’s all required for the business. Now let’s move over to another topic.

Investment To Start A Mask Making Business In India

The investment required in this business is starting from just a few thousand rupees, o you can spend and start with lakhs on money. It totally depends on the owner on how big or small the range he has to offer his business on. Let’s name the ideal expenditure on assets and expenditure for investment. 

In my opinion, one can start with low investment and then by evaluating the market in the coming time, decide how to spend on this business and earn profit and grow. You can start alone also, you just need a sewing machine, threads, good quality clothes for mask making business.

Basically, you can start with less than 5000 Rs investment if you want to start this mask making from home.

Raw Material- You need just a hanky size cloth for a mask, so you can imagine how many masks can you make with 1 meter of cloth.
Machinery- Sewing machine starting with 2000 Rs.
Labour- Labour will be free if you start by your own.
Legal Document
Preliminary expenses

The owner can introduce capital in the business or take a loan to start the business. As it’s a profitable business in today’s scenario there can be many people who will be ready to invest in this business.

Business Location for starting mask making business

A place where the business will take place, where the execution process starts. The area will cost a prominent amount. If the owner owns the place then it’s well and good but if not, then rent can be a little expensive because area-wise, at least it should have 1500 sq ft to 2000 sq ft.  

*Investment is the blood of business. It increases with time but when it decreases, it creates a lot of problems. 

Statistics And Profit in starting a manufacturing business of mask making in India

Statistics are the figures estimated by collecting data from the event. 

A recent study revealed that only 44 percent of India is wearing masks. But then too, because of the population, India produces 59.4 million pieces of four-layer masks, 1.9 million is the spare capacity. India produces 3 lakhs masks in a day. Also, India has a market of 5.5 billion reusable and washable masks.

This business is a sure shot success because of the demand factor. Demand for masks in India is high because of the population and other different factors. India produces a variety of masks than any other country in the world. There are famous stylists who design masks for weddings, organizations creating masks such as printed masks, cartoon masks, still colors masks, funky masks, decent ones, etc.  There is the biggest production of ‘Use and Throw Maks’.

With a variety of options available in the market and demand touching the sky, the profit for these organizations has been estimated at around 3-4 lakhs per month. It requires hard work and other essential factors as any other business in the world. 

Profit is the dish requires all the ingredients in the right amount. Hard work, Time, Duty, Investment, Machines and Materials, a Company of Good labor and management.  If all the ingredients are present the dish will be extremely delicious and worthy. 

Want to know how to calculate profit for your business. see here: calculator.

Market Strategies And Innovative Ideas for mask making business plan

The market is the collection of businesses where the competitors reside. And every competitor has its USP. One should use his potential and ponder upon the suitable strategies to apply in the market. 

  • Target Customers- Observe the needs, requirements and occasion of customers. FOR EXAMPLE, aged people require simple and light weighted masks. Youngsters require funky and stylish marks. Corporate people require decent masks. Kids wish to have cartoons on their masks. Analyse these requirements and try to produce according to the customer’s needs.  
  • Advertisement- Social media is the new break ads between the interval of your favorite movie. Social Media is the required skills people ask in the fresher. Do you know why? Because this is the digital era of human civilization. Promotion of the business on social media is a must. Because it has the power to take your business to heights. Promote your business on apps like Instagram, Facebooks and snapchats etc. Ask friends and family members to promote it. 
  • An Eye On Competitor

Always learn from your friend’s mistake. Keeping an eye on your competitor is all about learning and evolving. The big brands in the market sell masks at such a high rate that not every person can afford them. Create quality masks and sell them at a cheaper price. Keep your profit margin low but keep your sales high. 

  • Sponsorship

Conduct events or giveaways. Advertise your product by sponsoring small events by your products such as Seminars, Conferences, small businesses, etc.

Market strategies are the efforts put into the business during the take-off time. If you have such strategies, Do share them with us in the comment section. 

Thinking of a business and bringing it into reality is not everyone’s cup of tea. The big step of a business is LEGAL DOCUMENTS. 

And those are;

  • GST registration
  • Trade license
  • GMP certificate 
  • FDA certificate
  • CE certificate

*Required for starting a mask making business in India.

Duties Toward Society

Every business has some duties towards society. As a business, it takes a lot from society. So it’s our duty to give it back with time. A business can contribute in ;

  • Employment Rate

Business creates opportunities for several people. Start-ups are giving jobs to people and helping in the employment rate. When a particular business is set up, it generates opportunities for the seekers like regional workers, skilled workers, and many literate people for higher posts.

  • Women Empowerment

If given the opportunity to local women, there are more chances of achieving goals on time. Also, this will become a source of income for them. Many women who can not go away from their house for jobs, will be able to contribute to your business passionately.

  • Biodegradable products

We take a lot from nature. Water, Air, Light, etc, and leaves it with nothing, but pollution and dirt. As a start-up, you can try to create some biodegradable products or help in nature and give something back to it.

These are some of the duties one should look into.


This wholesome article is about the mask-making business in India. The questions that come to the mind of a person starting a business are all answered here. This is the layout for a business to start. 

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