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Business Ideas for Diwali 2021- Best Diwali business In India in 2021

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Last Updated on October 25, 2021 by Kshitij

Diwali 2021, diwali business
Diwali 2021

Diwali 2021 business Ideas in India

Diwali 2021 is here, 4th November 2021, Thursday, It is the most awaited festival in India to start something new. Hope we all celebrate a healthy, wealthy, and Diwali full of happiness.

India is a country of festivals. Festivals that bring happiness and new hopes. The most celebrated festival in India is Diwali, the festival of lights! A festival that brings joy, prosperity, and excitement with itself. With other things, it brings opportunities for people, for markets, and for businessmen. 

In India during the time of Diwali, people set up different types of business to earn some good bread. The markets are not only filled with an enormous amount of customers but also with so many things to offer and services to provide. It’s the businesses that bring the charm to market with crackers, flowers, sweets, and lights. 

There are many Diwali business ideas one can think of starting. Let’s read how one can start a business during the Diwali 2021 festival and of what. We have a list of profitable business ideas which will boom during the time of Diwali. Let’s briefly discuss those ideas and information related to them.  

Sweets And Snacks Business Ideas for Diwali 2021

Indians are the real foodies, without sweets and snacks, no festival is complete. Whether it’s a small occasion or a big one, sweets are a mandatory part of it. If it’s in such a big demand, then why not make a business out of it. You can also get your business online and promote it the whole year and boost it at Diwali times. 

Demand of sweets and snacks for diwali business

Demand for the sweets and snacks business is extreme in India and during Diwali, it’s the highest profitable business one can start. Diwali is a pious festival, it’s a new year. India welcomes it with sweets and snacks. The exchange of sweets from neighbors to serve snacks in front of relatives is the reason for increased demand. People set up new shops during Diwali to supply and meet its demand.

Raw Material and Machinery for sweets and snacks business for Diwali 2021

The raw material required to start a sweets and snacks business for Diwali 2021 is;

  1. Granulated sugar
  2. Wheat flour
  3. Refined wheat flour
  4. Spices
  5. Starch
  6. Molasses
  7. Various fruit and berry preparations
  8. Kernels of nuts
  9. Milk
  10. Cream
  11. Ghee
  12. Food acids
  13. Honey
  14. Melange
  15. Salts
  16. Yeast
  17. Ammonium
  18. Food aromatic
  19. Oil

The machinery required for this Diwali business; 

  1. Double vertical freezer or chiller
  2. Insulated stainless steel vatti
  3. Multi-Purpose steamer
  4. Utensils
Snacks Business Ideas

Planning for sweets and snacks business ideas for Diwali

Before starting this business during Diwali 2021, one should keep some important factors in mind;

  • Land- Area of the business, where all the activities will take place. If you are starting a business from your home then it should have enough space for carrying out the process but if not a house then one should own land or arrange it on rent. Because it is the foundation of starting a business. 
  • Electricity- Electricity supply for the machines and the store. Electricity will be required in a quantity because the sweets can not be kept in open space and in direct contact with air for much time.
  • Manpower- You will require a professional confectioner (Halwai) and a helper or two. This will be sufficient for starting but with expansion, raise the number of staff. 
  • Packaging and Advertising -Packaging is an important factor during the time of occasions. Usually, sweets and snacks are gifted to people so packing should be in such a way that looks decent and catchy for customers and convenient for them to buy one. Packaging should have your business name on it for promotions. The best form of advertisement. 

Legal Document for sweets and snacks business for Diwali 2021

The legal documents required to start a sweets and snacks business are;

  1. License from food authority
  2. GST registration
  3. Tax registration
  4. Electricity registration

Profit and Cost in diwali business 2021

Cost depends on the scale of the business. With all the expenses and purchasing assets it will cost around 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs and profit earned out of it including all the expenses will be 80,000 to 1.5 lakhs per month. It all depends on the scale and quality. 

Decorative Items Business Ideas for Diwali 2021

Diwali is all about eating sweets, having fun, and decorating home. The market is full of people that are purchasing decorative stuff for their homes. After all, Diwali comes with happiness, and by decorating we add joy to that. 

Demand of decorative Items for Diwali Business

Decorative business during Diwali 2021 is highly in demand. No matter how many shops are in the market, there is always demand for more. The population is also the reason for this demand. Everyone wants to buy and decorate their home. 

Import and Export of decorative items for Diwali Business

It totally depends on you how you want to keep the business. Import it directly from the people who are making it and export it to retailers. Or buy from wholesalers and sell it at retail price directly into the market. Either do it wholesale or retail. 

Planning for decorative items business ideas for Diwali

Planning is very important to join all the dots of your business. Let’s take a look at important dots. 

  • Land- Land is required to set the business physically. Area can be little or bigger in space. If the owner is owning the land for starting this business then it’s great, otherwise one has to rent an area for the same. And rent will be a little costlier for some people. Store should be in the market at such a place where people should already have an eye on your shop. 
  • Items and Variety- This is very important what items you will sell at your shop. As diwali is a festival of light, put a variety of designs like colorful lights, candles and diyas. Decorative material should be in such a variety that the customer doesn’t bother to go on further in the market. Customers want new creative items and variety. 
  • Electricity-If you are running a decoration business, then electricity plays a very important role. Because you have a lot of electric decorative items and will be displayed. A decoration store is incomplete without lightening and stuff of the same. 
  • Manpower-You will require a helper for the store because of the rush. And a part time electrician who can be a call away for the big decorative items to install at the customer’s place.

Legal Documents required for import and export of decorative items for diwali 2021

You will need the following documents for importing and exporting decorative items for a successful Diwali Business.

Profit and Cost in import and export of decorative items for diwali 2021

Cost for the decorative business to start at a small scale will be 2lakhs to 3 Lakhs and on the large scale, it would cost around 8 lakhs to 10 Lakhs Including everything. 

Profit of the business will be between 40,000 to 1.5 Lakhs or can be more on a large scale.

Green Crackers business ideas for Diwali 2021

Cracker Business

With sweets and decorations, it’s the festival of light! Without crackers, Diwali is incomplete. iTs is really a great Diwali Business Idea, to earn at once and sit relaxed whole year. The noise of crackers, in different forms, makes it special. They burn with sparks which bring light to people’s hearts. Now the question is what are green crackers?  Green crackers are those which are made in the reduction of size in shell, elimination of ash usage.

Demand of green crackers in Diwali 2021

The demand for green crackers is quite high in the market, and so people want a Diwali business plan for crackers. As everyone is concerned with the quality of earth, air pollution, and other factors affecting the environment.  During Diwali crackers are as important as sweets and other traditions. 

Import and Export of green crackers in Diwali 2021

Now starting a business of green crackers is like earning good bread. You can either import it from the factories that make crackers or you can simply start your own company, and then export it to wholesalers and retailers, totally on you. You can purchase from wholesalers and sell it in your personal store. 

Planning for green crackers business Ideas for Diwali

  • Area- Area is important because the place should be fixed in the market to sell. To hold the attention of customers, open a shop where the market has everything to offer around you. The customer will come to you while shopping for other items. 
  • Manpower- You require one or a maximum of two helpers. As the business will be during diwali and that of crackers, there will be a lot of rush. You will be needing helping hands.
  • Variety- Usually for buying crackers, kids and youth come. And they are fascinated by variety. When there will be a variety of different crackers, it will result in increased sales.

Legal Document for green crackers business Ideas for Diwali

A legal document required are-

  1. GST registration
  2. Temporary firework license
  3. Permanent firework license (only if exceeding 30kg)

Profit and Cost in green cracker Diwali Business 2021

The cost of all the expenses will be around 10-15 lakhs on a medium scale with all the expenses. Profit will be around 60,000 to 1 lakh per month. 

Trendy festive outfit store business ideas for Diwali

Clothes are the only thing after food from which humans will never get satisfied, no matter how much they purchase it. And Diwali is all about decoration and new clothes. People specially buy sweets and new clothes on Diwali 2021. 

Demand of trendy festive outfit for Diwali business 

The demand for clothes has never seen a downfall in any situation in the market. It’s always up with new styles and fashion. And on the occasion of Diwali, markets are filled with new designs and a variety of items. The Clothes Industry is one of the highest profitable industries during Diwali. Population demands clothes from every sector and in different forms. Sarees to western dress, every garment business gives extra hours of duty during Diwali for the customers. 

Import and Export of festive outfit for Diwali business

Importing designed clothes from wholesalers is perfect in Diwali times. The retail market of clothes earns more than the sweet market during the Diwali season in urban cities. And wholesale marketers are the supplier of material in the market. It depends on you which one you want to choose. 

Planning for outfit business ideas for Diwali

Planning of this business is very simple;

  • Area- The area is very important as it is the foundation where the business activities will take place. A decent size shop with the outfit displayed on the front.
  • Manpower- Staff will be of around 4-5 helpers or can be more. Because this business is very big for one person to handle. Especially in the ladies section, ladies staff should be present and on the side of gents, the particular gender staff should be appointed with some sales skills.
  • New stock and Variety- Starting a business is much easier than maintaining it. Within the gap of every 2-3 weeks, survey the stock and maintain the new fashion. With correct stock, there should be a variety for the customers. 

Legal Document required for outfit business ideas for Diwali

  1. GST Registration
  2. Electricity registration
  3. Taxes registration

Profit and Cost required to set up an outfit Diwali Business

The cost with all the expenses such as electricity, rent, import-export, raw material, will cost around 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs. And the profit will be 80,000 to 1.5 lakhs per month.

Event Management Business Ideas for Diwali

Diwali event management is a booming business nowadays. Big clients throw parties and to manage those parties they require a team of people. What you can do is, you can provide them with your services. To manage everything at a party. From dinner to decoration, every service in the party to manage.

Demand of event management for Diwali 2021

The demand for this business is very huge. People want to set their party with everything managed and proper preparations. They give you a fixed amount of your services. This event sector has the most money in it. 

Planning of Event Management for Diwali 2021

Planning is all you need in this business ideas for Diwali:

  • Team/Staff- The team should be in your control. If you are leading the team you should have an assistant and a team of around 8 to 12 members. They should have your business’s uniform for advertisement purposes.
  • Management plan and duties- Teams should have a plan on the basis on which they will work. They should assign their duties and explain their part clearly. doing Diwali business is not an easy and on going job, its a one time job and it need to be the best, so that people can remember whole year. One should check that all the tasks are getting done on time.
  • Collaborations- Do collaborate with people. Like bands, restaurants, follower shops, decorative stores, etc. these are the people who will be the input or say raw material of your business. 
  • Transportation- Management work has a lot to do with transportation. You should have a tempo and a bike for the work. 
  • Land- There should be a piece of land which can be called your office. Where you can hold meetings and keep your things and items there. 

Legal Document for event management for Diwali 2021

  • Business license
  • Taxation process
  • Liquor license
  • Fire marshal permit

Advice for Event Management For Diwali 2021

If you are going to land in the event industry, just keep in mind that there are professionals who are studying this on education terms. You have to be very clear and exact. One should remember the 5 C’s of event management;

  1. Concept
  2. Coordination
  3. Control
  4. Culmination
  5. Closeout

Profit and Cost in Event Management for Diwali Business

The starting cost for starting this event management Diwali business is around 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs. Including all the expenses. And the profit of the owner will be around 60,000 per month.

Things To Remember for Business Ideas for Diwali

There are certain things one should keep in mind while starting any business ideas in India, for this business;

  1. Either on rent or owns one, the owner should have a piece of land to commence business activities on that. The land is common in every business as mentioned above with some certain conditions.
  1. There are many profitable businesses other than these. One can go for any, according to their taste and investment. 
  1. All the legal documents are necessary for the long run of the diwali business. One can start a business for diwali season but these are those businesses that not only give huge profit during diwali but also are self-sufficient for all year long. 
  1. One can plan the business accordingly. The staff, investment should be estimated. One can decide the scale and start it.
  1. Fire extinguishers should be there at every business firm and shop. It is the time of diwali. Especially in the crackers business. It should start with security and mindfulness.

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