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boutique business
boutique business ideas

Want a boutique business plan?

Boutique business ideas in India? What is a Boutique? How does it work? Who runs it, professional and stylists only? What is this business exactly about? Questions and a lot of questions! Here you will find all the answers to your questions and related advice on how to open a boutique business in India. Be with us till the end to get a business plan for the boutique.

In the words of Google, ‘A boutique is a small shop that deals in fashionable clothing or accessories.’ A boutique is a place where you get the knowledge of fashion and headquarters of what’s going on in the fashion market. A place where everything fashion-related is available. It is the most convenient and profitable business for ladies to run in India. A large number of females run a boutique either from their home or store. Not only professional or stylists but a simple person who has an interest in the fashion industry can also run a boutique. It’s always about curiosity and learning.  

This business is about so many things. Environment, strategies, planning, and whatnot. Let’s read about these and other factors of this business and soak in the information on how to start a boutique business in India!

Types of boutique | Choose your boutique business

The boutique belongs to the clothing industry, you can get clothes manufactured according to your requirement, design them, promote them, and sell them. Generally, we see stores selling ready-made clothes, which they get from other retailers, but the boutique is different as you have to design the clothes by yourself.

But also boutique in these years is not only limited to clothes, they provide you with huge variety of things like shoes, heels, sandals, earings, home decors, clothes, cosmetics, carpets, curtains, dining, kitchen, bathing accessories, they don’t leave anything, they keep it all and really wins heart of many customers out there.

There are different types of boutique business plan, it’s totally on you which one you want to select and start a business out of it. There can be three categories and that is;

On the basis of age and gender:

  • Women’s and Men’s clothing

On the basis of gender, boutiques can produce all types of clothes, for men and women. This is havoc in people’s minds that boutiques are only for women. Boutiques have men’s fashion too. 

  • Kids clothing

This is 2021, the era of fashion. There are many child influencers too. And parents are very concerned about this fashion industry to make their kids the best in the world of social media. So kid boutique is another plan one can go for.

  • Accessories

Accessories like handbags, footwear, jewelry, ties, clutches, etc are very famous to open. These boutiques can also tie up or collaborate with the boutiques of clothing or can run individually also. 

On the basis of style:

  • Formal and Semi-Formal wear

Formal and semi-Formal wear of offices and business parties and conferences. People who like to design their suits according to their own preferences are generally the regular customers of these boutiques.

  • Ethnic wear

Ethnic wear such as Indian tradition. These boutiques are generally contacted for weddings. All the dresses of functions in a wedding are designed by these boutiques. 

  • Casual wear

Casual wear is a general boutique where people come to purchase some casuals. You can either select from catalogs or go to the raw clothes and they can make it in fine design by stitching it according to your preference.  

  • Western wear

Western wear can be for informal office wear or typically like shirts, jeans, and cowboy dress-up. 

  • Gym wear

As the name says, Gym Wear. Gym wear is for exercise and while going for a walk. These are also designed by the stylist to make you look cool and comfy in the clothes. 

On the basis of mode:

  • Online 

Boutique Business is very famous for the online mode nowadays. Boutiques create their own website and then circulate it on social media. Any customer from any state can order and you can send them their order through online delivery. This is a new idea of business and a successful one.

Intrested in Online business ideas in India. Then please do check this out. How To Start An Online Business In India | Best Online Business Ideas | Why To Start An Unique Online Business?

  • Offline

Offline is the mode which is running for ages in India. Small boutique female owners even start their careers from small rooms in their homes. They sell their product to the locality and with time grow into a big boutique at a particular different place. You can always see how the world is practicing the conventional marketing strategies and making there business really successful, get a proper research on your competitor.

One can open any business as per their interest and investment. These are the general categories of boutiques in the market. If you have interesting ideas, do share them with us in the comment section. 

Demand Of A Boutique In India in 2022

The demand is quite high for boutiques as it’s about the cloth and fashion industry. Fashion is a constant change. And demand is just a permanent adjective of the word fashion because people are very serious about fashion and related changes to adapt. 

When we see on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, one or the other person is an ‘Influencer’.  And the most popular influence is on clothes and fashion. Designer clothes and accessories are the considerable constraints of the new generation. This generation is smartly fashionable.

The demand for boutiques is quite high because people are influenced by social media and if said in simple words, what they do is they see the fashion and style and search that on regular and premium boutiques. Also, Boutiques provide different designs than that of social media and the same ones too. This is why the demand is high for boutique businesses plan in India.

Benefits Of Starting A Boutique Business In India in 2022

The Indian textile industries are estimated at around 108 billion dollars and are expected to reach 223 billion dollars by the end of 2021. It employs over 45 million people directly to 60 million people indirectly. With the statistics, the demand is much higher than are expected. 

The benefit of this business is its demand and people love wearing designer clothes, and it is a cherry on the cake if it is of really good quality and trending one. We already have so many brands out there, but still, people look for something unique or different from others, so this is the reason to come up with a great boutique business plan, business ideas in India like this are always given priority and come to light easily.

From a locality to different sectors and states of India, everyone is wearing designer clothes at least thrice a year, reason can be any occasion. And it is a growing industry like the food industry. Just like Indians are the foodie with their fashion on the peak. This business is going to boom with time. With quality products and specific preferences, This business is beneficial to the owner as well as to the customers. 

Competitor of your Boutique Business Plan In India

Competition in boutique business is quite high in a country like India. So need to be little unique and try something different from others to mak you boutique business plan successful. People of India follow influencers, fashion, and trends. As the demand is rising because of which suppliers are rising too. And with a number of suppliers, competition is automatically created in the market. 

What an owner can do is use different techniques and keep some important factors in mind. And those techniques and important factors are;

  • Big Brands

Big brands are a hindrance to the new boutiques. As they are the biggest seller and made big by people’s choice. All you have to do is change the choice of people to buy your product. Find the loopholes in their businesses, can be price, taste, etc, and fulfill the demand of people. 

  • Quality

Quality is an important factor in the clothes business. If a customer liked the product but the quality is not measurable of standard units, there is an 85% chance that they will not buy that product. So keep the quality of the product good. 

  • Fashion and Trend

If you are thinking of opening a boutique, before that start researching about the fashion and trends of the fashion industry. Because the fashion industry is dynamic. One day a trend can become old the other day. So work with new thinking and trends. 

  • Environment and People

One should open a boutique in an area with favorable people and an environment. Imagine if you opened a stylist boutique in a village area. There are very few chances of running the business in a profitable way. Because the people and environment cannot match the vibe. 

  • Advertisement

Advertisement helps the business to grow. With the right advertisement and planning the business can reach heights and bring different customers to the business.  

Raw Material, Furniture, and Machinery Required To Start A Boutique Business in India

Raw Material required to start a boutique business

  • Cloth material
  • Fliers
  • Brochures
  • Business cards 
  • Cover bags
  • Outdoor signage board

Furniture required to start a boutique business

  • Table and chair
  • Clothing stand
  • Hangers
  • Accessories stand

There is always some advanced machines in the market now and then, but the basic

Machinery required to start a boutique business

  • Steam irons
  • Sewing machines
  • Air conditioners and fans
  • Water purifiers
  • Dryers
  • Containers

These are the basic things required to open a boutique in India. Things can vary according to the requirement.  

Planning And Cost To Start A Boutique Business In India

Some of the factors related to boutique business plan are;

  • Land (Area)

The area where the business will be set up is an important part of the business planning. The area should be sufficient to cover the business activities. Either you can purchase the land or rent the particular area for your boutique.

  • Import and export

Boutiques have three kinds of transactions mainly;

  1. You can purchase the designs which they have in the store to sell.  
  2. You can go through catalogs and brochures and order them to make such.
  3.  You can bring raw materials of your own and order them as per your instructions. 

Now, Import can be either you shop for stores from the big cities and boutiques or you can go for raw material designed clothes. Export can be either you are selling to different customers online. 

  • Manpower

Manpower in the boutique is very important if you are starting it at a large scale or even on a medium one too. Manpower such as

  1. Tailors
  2. Designers
  3. Sales girls/boys
  4. Store manager
  5. Accountant 
  • Display and maintenance

A boutique is a place where people find posh and designer clothes, so with clothes, a display should be decent and store clean. Maintaining a boutique is a very difficult job. But customers are attracted to it. 

  • Packaging

Packing should be proper and you can use paper bags with your firm’s name on them. It will help with the advertisement factor.  You should be having catalogs, brochures, and business cards for your customers. 

These were some Simple factors required for starting a business. Let’s discuss its cost.

  • Final Cost

The final cost for starting a boutique business in India on a small scale will be around 2 Lakhs to 5 lakhs. And at a large scale, it can be around 25 lakhs to 30 lakhs and much more with the preference of the owner. 

The legal documents are-

  1. PAN number
  2. VAT registration
  3. Service tax
  4. Shop lease agreement
  5. Shop and establishment act registration
  6. Trademark registration

Things To Remember While Starting A Boutique Business In India

While starting a business, there are many things one should remember and ponder upon. Those can be;

  • Investment can happen by introducing capital or by loan. One should calculate the profit and expenses, then go for a suitable loan amount. 
  • Starting a boutique business is not that easy. One has to understand how this fashion industry actually works. Daily go with the trends and study market.
  • This business is only possible by the environment and people. Open store at such a locality where people use your kind of product and know about it. 
  • You should know why you are starting this business. All the pros and cons, profit and losses, demand-supply, and import and export. These are the things on which business is dependent.
  • Make strategies like discounts, giveaways, and contests for engagement with people. 

Risks In Boutique Business Plan In India in coming 2022

  • Existing competitors

Competitors who are already in the market and have booked a place in people’s minds. To change people’s choices, you should have better things to offer. Like a price difference, Fashionable items, more accessories, etc. And you have to offer quality. 

  • Personal preferences

The fashion industry changes in the blink of an eye. Personal taste can become a sideway for the customers. You should offer variety and before anything, there is customer satisfaction. If they are paying us for a particular product, their satisfaction is the first requirement to be fulfilled. 

  • Locality and People

As mentioned earlier, locality can be a risk for the business, if it’s not for the people who have similar taste in fashion. Area of the business should be in the main market of your city because it will be in the eyes of people. 

Profit In Starting A Boutique Business Ideas In India

Profit is very important to run a business. Actually, profit is nothing but the income of the owner. Profit margins for retail clothes are generally within 4% to 18% according to industry analysts. Profit earned by small-scale boutique business in India in 2022 can be around 30,000 to 50,000 per month. And at a large-scale can be estimated around 80,000 to 1 Lakhs per month. 

It is the estimated amount. It can differ with the factors involved in the business. 

To conclude this Boutique Business plan

Every business idea is unique among itself, one you get to know the trend, what people are liking, if you have the analytical skill to analyse the market and study the customers and their demand which really keeps changing over time and if you know how to predict the demand in future you can capture the market easily. Every business ideas in India is really appreciated world wide always.

You can start from your home town with a small own boutique and do local promotion and make your business world wide by constant hard-work and dedication.

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